Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fancy Food Show Winter 2011

What a week! The Cherryvale Farms team hit up the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this week to take in the trends, see new products coming to market and, of course, eat. And did we eat! And then we ate a little more. And then we got tummy aches. But all in the name of research!

Thousands of new products were on display this week: everything from the mundane to the magical. We tried some black water by a company called BLK - normal water that appears jet black from the presence of a volcanic material. We devoured salsas, olives, meats and cheeses from the best in the business to small start-ups trying to make a name for themselves.

We loved seeing the novel new ideas like hot chocolate on a stick. Literally a block of chocolate, sugar and flavorings at the end of a wooden stick you stir into hot milk. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables seemed to big a big trend and we were surprised by the lack of bacon products. We only came across three processed bacon products at the show, including Skillet Gourmet's Bacon Jam (a personal favorite) and a Bacon Lollipop and Bacon Salt. The mind wanders when you think of how they possibly imagined bacon flavored salt.

The show gave us a million ideas as we continue planning for Cherryvale Farms introductory product line. What we didn't see a lot of at the show was pudding. Tell me - how do you feel about pudding?

We also want to know - do you ever use meat spice mixes and rubs? Do you like the convenience of knowing half the seasoning work is done for you when you're grilling or cooking up a steak?

And when's the last time you ate some dip? Is it your go-to Monday night football staple?

We want to hear from you! Your feedback provides valuable research to us at Cherryvale Farms. Leave a COMMENT below. We'll reward you with free samples when they are ready! :) Promise.

Let us leave you with a giant "painting" of the Mona Lisa, in jelly beans, from the show. Enjoy.

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