Monday, December 13, 2010

Kitchen Gods

I think most chefs are a little superstitious. Maybe it's their lucky clogs, a favorite pan or a special way of folding their towel in their apron. I, not a restaurant chef, have my kitchen gods to help bring me good luck, and I want you to meet them! These little guys have grown over the years and been picked up from a variety of sources. They live on a shelf in the corner of my kitchen and make me smile whenever I ponder the absurdity of their close quarters.

From left to right:
  • Martian toy from the Japanese market, I bought this while I was in Little Tokyo with my friend Simon years ago.
  • Yellow car - I have no idea how this got here.
  • Green vase - bought this at a store my home town over a weekend during college, it's followed me from home to office back to home and kitchen for five years. I like that it's green.
  • Space man toy - I found this little guy on the beach before I went to a great dinner in Dana point this summer. 
  • Fisherman statue - picked this up at a thrift store I think. He spoke to me.
  • Red radish - when I declared I was decorating my kitchen in red a few years ago, my mother went all out in finding me everything in red, even down to the smallest red radish figurine.
I like to think that all of these odd little creatures help me out when I'm in the kitchen and (hopefully) not burning anything along the way. 

What do your kitchen gods look like?

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