Monday, December 13, 2010

Oatmeal Accoutrement

It was a lazy of course I had to make something fabulous for breakfast (which took place at around noon I believe). Oatmeal sounded easy, healthy and a delightful way to start (er, continue?) the day.

I used quick cooking oatmeal and, to give it some punch, made my accoutrement plate. Included as condiments:

- Brown sugar
- Sliced apples
- Raisins (homemade in my dehydrator)
- Sliced bananas
Oatmeal Accoutrement
Not shown is some chopped walnuts, because I like a little crunch in my oatmeal. Topped off with a splash of milk (and a bit of coarse salt to bump up the flavors) it was a delicious, lazy breakfast.

Finished, yummy oatmeal

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