Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taco Tuesday

I can never pass up the opportunity to make Taco Tuesday. Second day into the week, we all deserve some delicious tacos, served up with our favorite condiments and salsas.

Last night I decided to try something very different with my tacos, using the ingredients I had laying around the kitchen. Complemented by some fresh tortillas from the market (they were still warm when I bought them, how could I possibly resist?) they made the perfect, easy dinner.

First I cut up a large butternut squash and placed it in the over with some oil, salt and pepper for about an hour, until I could easily pierce it with a fork. Once fork-tender, I cut the squash up into pretty little orange cubes and sweetened them with a bit of maple sugar and bumped up the flavor by adding some coarse salt and a little pepper.

On to the tofu, I cubed it the same size as the squash and pan-fried it. As it was super-firm tofu, it can withstand a good pan frying without falling apart. While in the pan I seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic, chili powder, cumin and coriander. After the tofu gained a light, crispy texture on the outside I added the squash so it could pick up some of those wonderful spice flavors.

I fried up some tortillas and loaded it up with my yummy taco mixture, topped them off with some goat cheese (I love goat cheese with coriander and cumin, something about it...) and some fresh cilantro.

Delicious and the active cooking time was only about 15 minutes. Vegetable, protein, a little fat and a little green, this light yet satisfying dinner will definitely be going into my "to make again" file.

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