Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nuclear Rice!

Have you tried these delicious little morsels from Trader Joe's? Baked Rick Snacks (Yaki Onigiri).

Yaki Onigiri
Everyone that knows me, knows that I sing the praises of Trader Joe's on a regular basis, but this item is a new favorite! Small (about 2 inch corner to corner) rick snacks that are lightly caramelized and easy to heat and eat. I mean, you microwave for a minute and they taste fresh from the steamer.  Hello awesome.

So, how do I like my nuclear rice? Today I pan-fried some tofu and made a quick cucumber salad to accompany them. (I also devour them on their own in slightly more than one minute).

I love rice wine vinegar, so I dressed the cucumbers in simply that, along with some diced scallions for added crunch. For the tofu, I put a little regular and sesame oil in a pan and fried each side of the tofu "fillets" for about 2 minutes on each side until they brown slightly.

And here's lunch. Notice the nearly fat-free nature of this meal...gotta do something to make up for the pounds of butter, flour and sugar I'm consuming with all the baking I'm doing (more posts on that later).

Pan-fried tofu, deglazed with a little ponzu

Nuclear lunch!

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